Letter of Solidarity to the Communist Party of Mexico in Honor of their Party’s 7th Congress

The Communist Party USA Congratulates the Communist Party of Mexico (CPM) on its 7th Party Congress on December 16-18. 2022 named “For the Socialist Revolution, a Communist Party Strong, Working Class Conscious, and Internationalist!” We send our internationalist greetings for a successful Congress and affirm our commitment to work together for the advancement of the Mexican and U.S. working class. Our U.S. working class has a large number of Mexican origin workers within our ranks among the 42 million people of Mexican origin resident in the United States.

Communists in the United States and Mexico share a long history of solidarity and struggle. We U.S. Communists value our fraternal relations, international solidarity efforts, and anti-imperialist struggle, particularly in the Americas.

U.S. Communists are in the midst of a struggle against the extreme right in the U.S. that is attempting to eliminate many of the rights already won by the U.S. working class, such as reproductive rights and the right to vote. We also affirm the right of our youth to study and critique an entrenched system of white supremacy, slavery, imperialism and other forms of institutionalized racism. This same extreme, proto fascist right opposes immigrant rights and manipulates falsehoods regarding Latin American, Caribbean, and other immigrants as an electoral ploy to reinforce and promote racism and working-class division in the US. These extreme right forces suffered a defeat during the recent midterm elections when they failed to take over both houses of the U.S. Congress.

The CPUSA is actively working for a negotiated settlement to the proxy war provoked by U.S. imperialism and its NATO allies in the European Union against The Russian Federation and Socialist China. Our party welcomes the swing to the left with socialist and workers’ party victories in the most recent elections in Latin America. We see a renewed interest in protecting the national sovereignty of developing countries and economic integration of Latin America and the Caribbean. We welcome the election of AMLO in Mexico, Lula in Brazil, the election of Gustavo Petro in Colombia, the election of Luis Arce in Bolivia, the election of Xiomara Castro in Honduras, Pedro Castillo in Peru and other progressive electoral gains.

The CPUSA sees significant gains in Mexico in the areas of expanding bourgeois democracy since 2018, including the struggle against corruption and the struggle for economic and social equality (including poverty alleviation) and the struggle against neoliberalism. We see positive changes ahead in Mexico and opportunities for cross border solidarity in the labor, anti-imperialist, and immigrant movements. We commend the CPM for its role in the struggle to empower the working class and campesinos. We welcome the efforts of the CPM in its struggle against the extreme right movement in Mexico. Similar to their counterparts in the United States, this racist extreme right wants to reverse the recent working-class gains in Mexico. We have even recently seen direct cooperation and engagement of right-wing political groups in both our countries, and we pledge to fight these retrograde forces jointly in both of our countries.

Today, 60 million Spanish-speaking people reside in the United States and there are about 72 million individuals of Latin America and Caribbean origin who are U.S. residents. Combined with the historical presence and significant demographic growth of our Mexican origin population, this shared heritage provides a great opportunity for mutual understanding among socialists and communist of our two countries. Sharing a two-thousand-mile joint territorial border, communists, socialists, and labor activists of the United States and Mexico are defending the rights of immigrant workers to have a prosperous and secure life without prejudice or derision from governments and residents in host communities.

Our common history also involves our commitment as Communists to overcome the legacy of U.S. imperialist and Spanish colonialist intervention in the Americas and Caribbean, involving the subjugation of African and indigenous peoples and the exploitation of workers and campesinos. At the present time, our shared solidarity calls on us to support the ongoing achievements of the Cuban Revolution, decrying the criminal U.S. economic blockade against the Republic of Cuba and its population, and supporting the advance of socialism on the island. We also join in opposing all manner of U.S. intervention in other nations of Latin America and the Caribbean. We affirm their sovereign rights to self-determination without interference from U.S. imperialism

The world has faced great health and economic challenges since the onset of the devastating Covid-19 virus pandemic in early 2020. The pandemic and attendant economic and social effects have created many challenges as, in most capitalist countries, class inequalities have deepened with larger numbers of working class and low-income populations losing access to employment, housing, and health care. And, disproportionately, too many in the working class, have been severely disabled by the Covid-19 virus. Indeed, too many workers and their families have even lost their lives due to the ravages of this horrible disease and its variants. We understand that the U.S. and Mexico are no exception to these trends. We seek to build a better society from the devastation wrought by the pandemic upon the international working class.

All members of the CPUSA stand in solidarity with our comrades in the Communist Party of Mexico as we face together the challenges of class exploitation and U.S. imperialism We look forward to a future working together in solidarity to build socialism and a better world.

Long Live Communist Internationalism!

Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA)

International Secretary CPUSA