Guidelines for Fraternal Parties

Please see the guidelines below for fraternal parties interested in international exchanges with members of CPUSA. You can download the official letter using the button below.

Dear Comrades,

The world has begun to reopen, and more people have returned to international travel. Many of our Party members travel internationally for work or other personal reasons. The Communist Party USA kindly requests that you only accept as representatives of our Party those members introduced to your International Department by the CPUSA’s International Department.

CPUSA members have been instructed that when traveling abroad not to identify themselves with the CPUSA unless they have been delegated or recognized as such by the International Department of the CPUSA. This ensures that only the official views of the CPUSA are represented to our fraternal comrades.

The CPUSA is the only political party recognized by The International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties ( While there are some individuals from the U.S. that are affiliated with groups and self-identify as Communists, these individuals and their organizations are not to be considered affiliated with the CPUSA.

We also kindly request that our fraternal parties communicate directly with the International Department of our Party ( when members of your Party are traveling to the USA and want to contact CPUSA members. Please do so through your own International Department.


Alvaro Rodriguez

International Secretary

Communist Party USA