Guidelines for CPUSA Members

Please see the guidelines below for CPUSA members interested in international exchanges with members of fraternal parties. You can download the official letter using the button below.

Dear comrades,

As many Party members travel internationally for work or personal reasons, we ask that you follow the following procedures. This procedure has been written to ensure that only the official and accurate views of the CPUSA are communicated to our fraternal Parties.

Only CPUSA members recognized by the CPUSA International Department, as well as introduced by our International Department to our fraternal Party’s International Department should identify themselves as CPUSA members when traveling abroad. Only IDCPUSA authorized spokesperson will communicate with international mass media representing the CPUSA. Only those authorized by the IDCPUSA to represent the CPUSA can contact, fraternal publications (online publications, websites, social media and other media) and fraternal party email addresses.

When traveling outside the U.S., please do not give members of our fraternal Parties the idea that you represent the Party unless you were officially designated to do so through the CPUSA International Department. These rules apply to Young Communists (YCL) as well.

If you are a CPUSA or YCL member traveling overseas and would like to meet fraternal Party or YCL members, please follow the procedure detailed below:

  1. Contact your CPUSA District Organizer and ask them to recommend you to the CPUSA International Department.

  2. Should your District organizer agree, please provide a name, travel dates when contact will be sought, type of local contact/activity preferred, country and city in which you will be traveling, contact email, WhatsApp phone number and any other useful information to ease the process of connecting you with our fraternal comrades.

  3. If the International Department approves, your information will be communicated to the respective fraternal Party’s International Department with a copy to the traveling comrade.

  4. After approval from the CPUSA International Department, all communication should be direct with the fraternal Party’s designated contact. Email copies sent to the CPUSA International Department would be appreciated.

  5. Fraternal Parties have been asked that when their members travel to the US, introductions should similarly be made via the two respective International Departments. If a CPUSA member receives a message sent to any Party organization (, District/Club Social media accounts, etc.), kindly request that fraternal party members communicate through their International Department. Our email address is

  6. Member-to-member exchanges are encouraged. These are more fruitful and effective when communication goes through the International Departments. Hello Comrade, an exchange program within the International Department, is an example of a successful exchange that follows these procedures.

  7. The expectation is that the experiences shared with our fraternal Parties be shared with the CPUSA via articles, videos, photos or any other means. Members involved in exchanges should also be prepared to share their experiences in a report to the International Department, especially if you are a delegate to a fraternal Party congress, IMCWP or fraternal event. Your report may be shared with members of the International Department.

CPUSA members in this country shall not communicating with fraternal parties directly through embassies or diplomatic missions. Our Party requires that you communicate through the CPUSA International Department.

We sincerely hope that by following the aforementioned procedures, our Party members will have many fruitful fraternal exchanges.

In solidarity,

Alvaro Rodriguez

International Secretary

Communist Party USA