Letter of Solidarity with the Colombian Communist Party in Honor of their 23rd Party Congress

The Communist Party of the USA extends fraternal greetings to the Colombian Communist Party (PCC) to congratulate our comrades on the important work that is being carried out at the 23rd Party Congress. The Colombian comprador ruling class has continuously fought against the People’s efforts for liberation. The CPUSA congratulates the PCC on your electoral gains. These elections will have a great impact not just in Columbia but in all of Latin America. These will dramatically change the balance of power in Latin America. We are certain that your Party will make great gains and have a lasting impact in this new environment just like in your history.

For example, in 1928, workers from the United Fruit Company went on strike demanding fair pay, a 6 day work week, better working conditions, and many more things, but the Colombian Army (with the help of the US Secretary of State) were sent in to “handle” the strike. The workers were gathered in the streets and the Colombian military opened fire into the dense crowd of workers and their children, killing as many as 2,000. During “La Violencia” the fascist Conservative Party massacred the Colombian people in an attempt to maintain their hegemony and preserve the interests of finance capital over the Liberal Party and the Communists fighting for democracy in Colombia. Even after the help of the Communists in this terrible period, the Liberal Party united with the Conservatives in a National Front with which they rooted out and persecuted Communists.

Your Party has persevered through these tribulations and even thrived in recent years. Through your labor struggles, such as the Operadora Minera SAS strike which led to salary increase for the miners, right to union membership, and a bonus to cover the strike time! The Minister of Labor in your nation is Gloria Inés Ramírez, a member of your Party. By holding this position, she can create trade union freedom and better working conditions for the workers of Colombia. This allows Colombia to strengthen your democracy, unions, and gender equality as you continue towards your path to Socialism in your country.

We send our warm regards and extend our gratitude and solidarity for your arduous work in the class struggle.

We extend our joy and fraternal love to your Party for upholding the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism and we expect a long future of cooperation between our Parties.

Long live the Partido Communista Colombiano! Long live Communist Internationalism! Long live the fraternal relations of our Parties!

In solidarity,

Alvaro Rodriquez

Communist Party USA

International Secretary