Letter of Solidarity to the Communist Party (Switzerland) in Honor of their Party’s 24th Congress

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) sends greetings to our fraternal comrades in the Communist Party (Switzerland) on the occasion of their 24th Congress. These are critical times for the international Communist movement, and we stand in solidarity with our comrades in the Communist Party (Switzerland) as they take meet to layout their strategy going forward.


In the United States, we are constantly fighting the threat of right-wing extremism and fascism. Just as the right-wing Democratic Union of the Center spreads xenophobia in Switzerland, the Republicans in the US often rail against foreigners in the US. This is a battle that both our Parties are waging and we must work in solidarity with each other to defeat these right-wing extremists and fascists.


Like the United States, Switzerland is often seen as one of the main bastions of capitalism in the contemporary world. Like our comrades in the Communist Party (Switzerland), we in the CPUSA operate from deep in the core of the capitalist beast. Our shared experience presents an important opportunity for our two Parties to work together as fraternal comrades, to reach our shared goal of defeating capitalism and building socialist societies in our respective countries. 


Alvaro Rodriguez

International Secretary of the Communist Party USA on behalf of the co-leaders of the CPUSA, Rossana Cambron and Joe Sims