Letter of Solidarity with the Communist Party of Swaziland from CPUSA

Solidarity with Swaziland!

For more than thirty years the Swazi people have struggled for their basic rights and dignity against the autocratic rule of Mswati III and his corrupt regime, which prioritizes the interests of imperialist benefactors abroad over the wellbeing and health of his own people.

The United States government, in its continued propping up of the Mswati autocracy is directly responsible for the continued exploitation, suffering, and repression of the Swazi people. It is the height of capitalist hypocrisy for the Biden administration to talk of human rights while actively supporting the Mswati autocracy’s repression.

The Communist Party USA stands in solidarity with the people of Swaziland, and with our comrades in the Communist Party of Swaziland, and condemns the Joe Biden administration for its complicitness in Mswati’s crimes against the Swazi people.

The Communist Party USA stands proudly in support of our comrades’ demands:

– A complete end to autocracy

– The establishment of a free, democratic, multi-party system

– A revolutionary transformation of society that ends poverty, disease, the oppression of women, and the stifling of youth

The Communist Party USA stands with Swaziland!

You have nothing to lose but your chains!

International Department Communist Party USA