Letter of Solidarity with the Communist Party of Bangladesh in Honor of their 12th Congress

The membership of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) would like to extend our congratulations and our solidarity with the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) in honor of your party’s 12th congress.


The CPB works for the advancement of some of the world’s most exploited workers. The capitalists and imperialists have plundered Bangladesh, abusing, and exploiting the working class. The ruling class of Bangladesh sells its people and resources to the world to fatten their own bank accounts. All Communists must stand with the CPB as they fight to liberate the Bangladeshi working class from these horrific conditions.


The fight in Bangladesh is closely tied with the fight being waged by CPUSA in the United States. From deep within the imperial core, we struggle against the very international capitalist and imperialist forces that exploit the working class of Bangladesh. This link is an important aspect of the close fraternal relationship between our parties.


Both our parties are also wagging a battle against the fascist, anti-democratic forces in our countries. Like in Bangladesh, the extreme right wing in the United States is curtailing democratic rights and openly showing their fascist tendencies. Our two parties must stand together in solidarity against this threat.


We wish our comrades in the CPB the greatest success for their 12th congress. The Marxist-Leninist path that our two parties follow, will lead to a better future for the working class of both our countries. We look forward to working together for our shared goals!


Long live Communist internationalism!

Long live the fraternal relations and solidarity between the CPB and CPUSA!


Alvaro Rodriguez 

International Secretary of the Communist Party USA on behalf of the co-leaders of the CPUSA, Rossana Cambron and Joe Sims