CPUSA Letter of Congratulations to the CPC in Honor of their Successful 20th National Congress


The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) sends our most sincere and comradely greetings to the Communist Party of China (CPC) in honor of the success of your Party’s 20th National Congress. We offer our congratulations to the newly elected Central Committee and to General Secretary Xi Jinping in honor of his reelection as General Secretary. We have every confidence that under their leadership, the CPC will continue to make magnificent strides on the path to socialism.

The People’s Republic of China, under the leadership of the CPC has seen some of the most extraordinary examples of growth and progress in human history. As the report from the 20th National Congress States, China and the CPC remain firmly committed on the path of socialism, never wavering from the Marxist-Leninist principles that have made China so strong. It has been under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping that China has made some of its largest strides towards building socialism and has made developments on the theory and practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Xi Jinping’s continued leadership will help ensure the continued progress of China.

Our two parties share many of the same principles: democracy, peace, internationalism and socialism. It is because of these shared principles that the fraternal relationship between our two Parties has been so strong and fruitful. Today, as the world stands on the brink of nuclear war and environmental catastrophe, it is more important than ever to have a strong socialist China and for our two parties to continue to work together to pursue a better future for all humankind. CPUSA opposes hegemony in all forms including interference in the status of Taiwan, which is for the Chinese people to decide.

We look forward to continuing our comradely work. May the Communist Party of China under the leadership of its 20th Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping continue to see prosperity and peace. We look forward to continuing to deepen the fraternal bond between our two Parties.

Long live the Communist Party of China!

Love live Communist internationalism!

Alvaro Rodrigues,

International Secretary CPUSA on behalf of the co-leaders of the CPUSA,

Rossana Cambron and Joe Sims