CPUSA Letter of Solidarity with the Tudeh Party of Iran

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) stands in solidarity with our comrades in the Tudeh Party of Iran and with the Iranian people as they courageously struggle against the repressive policies of the Islamic Republic. The working people of Iran once again have risen to express their dissatisfaction with the undemocratic and extreme restrictive laws against women by the government. The death of a young girl, Mahsa Amini, while in the custody of government agencies is yet another violation against the people of Iran and particularly against the women of Iran.

The CPUSA condemns the acts of brutality, arrests, and killings which has resulted in the deaths of more than 150 peaceful demonstrators at the hands of the Islamic Republic and its militant Basij.

CPUSA salutes the working people of Iran, especially the young generation for their brave fight for democracy and social justice under extremely difficult conditions. The rich history of struggle of the working people in Iran for democracy and independence is inspirational for all progressive people throughout the world.

We in the USA are facing a different level of repression but share in your struggle for democracy and social justice. We constantly face the danger of the extreme right who constantly threatens to roll back democracy in this country. The working class in the USA also fights against all economic and social injustices including discrimination against women and minorities.

We also struggle to fight the forces of imperialism that target Iran and to stop the US’s interference, militarily, economically and otherwise, in all other sovereign countries.

We condemn all the economic sanctions which the US and its Imperialist allies have imposed on your country, which have led to great suffering among the working people of Iran.

We oppose US imperialist actions for regime change in Iran. U.S. imperialism wants a compliant government in power in Iran such as existed under the Shah.

The unity of working people, trade unions, students, teachers, workers and intellectuals is an important source of strength in your movement and will help lead to success in your struggle for democracy and independence.

The Communist Party USA is actively following and joins our fraternal comrades in the Tudeh party of Iran in solidarity with your struggle for democracy, independence, and social justice.

In Solidarity,

Communist Party USA International Department