CPUSA: International Workers Day 2024

In honor of International Workers Day, the International Department of the Communist Party USA sends comradely greetings to all our fraternal Parties around the world.

This holiday is a microcosm of our international movement. While May Day has its roots in the radical labor history of the United States, today it is a holiday for all working-class people around the world. We must never forget that as each of our Parties continues to fight for socialism, peace and democracy in our respective countries, our struggles remain connected. As Lenin said, “Capital is an international force. To vanquish it, an international workers’ alliance, an international workers’ brotherhood, is needed.”

Around the world, the forces of reaction are becoming increasingly violent. The world watches in horror as the Israeli government continues its genocidal war in Gaza, while being funded and supported by the United States and its allies; NATO continues to threaten to expand the war in the Ukraine; the US empire continues to try and strangle the Cuban people; and the warmongers in Washington DC openly talk about further militarizing the Pacific.

While the situation seems bleak, this May Day we are reminded of the power of the international working class. The imperialist and the forces of reaction are powerful, but when the working-class stands together we can build a better future, a peaceful future, a democratic future, a socialist future.

Love live Communist Internationalism!