CPUSA Statement on Police Attack of Hadash and ICP

On Friday, April 26th, heavily armed Israeli police raided the Nazareth offices of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash) and the Israeli Communist Party (ICP). The International Department of the Communist Party USA unequivocally condemns this act of repression against our fraternal comrades, their progressive allies, and the working class. We stand in solidarity with all members of Hadash, the ICP and the Young Communist League who are among the loudest voices calling for peace, for the end of the genocide in Gaza, an end to apartheid, and for democracy and social progress.

The Israeli police vandalized the offices and tried to intimidate the activists from Hadash, the ICP, and the Young Communist League that were preparing for the annual May Day parade at the time. The Israeli Police, which are under the control of the openly fascist and messianic Public Security Minister, Ben-Gvir, have increasingly been used to suppress any political opposition and all calls for peace.

Despite this act of political suppression, the May Day parade was held as planned, bringing together a broad spectrum of working-class peace activists, both Palestinians and Jews, who marched together calling for an immediate ceasefire and to unite against fascism.

The Israeli regime continues to be funded and supplied by the United States government and Israeli police often train with US police. Across the United States, activists have risen up in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and like in Nazareth, they are being met with violence at the hands of the police. These two struggles are tied together and CPUSA joins with our comrades in Israel/Palestine in the fight to end the persecution of the Palestinian people, and end the genocidal apartheid regime.

Long live Communist Internationalism!